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021-5460901 ext. 1370, 1382

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Note: The total amount of borrowings (Circulation & Short Loan) refers to Circulation Category.
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Rooms which are available in the library:

  • Study Room
  • The library provides 14 study rooms (2-5 seats) and 5 group study rooms (5-10 seats). Group study room 4.1 is available for 15 seats.
  • Seminar Room
  • Seminar room is available for 50 seats.
  • Multimedia Viewing Room 1
  • Multimedia viewing room 1 is available for 15 seats.
  • Multimedia Viewing Room 2
  • Multimedia viewing room 2 is available for 40 seats with 20 computers.

These room are available for all library members prior to reservation. For room reservation, please contact the information desk on (021) 5460901 ext 1372. You can download Reservation Form (Form Pemakaian Ruang) and Room Usage Form (Form Pelaksanaan Pemakaian Ruang).

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The Library provides a range of IT facilities for users.
  1. Wireless Network
  2. The Library has a wireless network throughout the building, enabling users to connect to the University's network from their laptops. For more information please contact our IT staff.
  3. Typing Services
  4. There are 40 PCs available for typing and doing Office work at the 4th floor of the library.
    The following software is available on 40 'typing PCs:
    - Microsoft Office 2003 (i.e. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Project and FrontPage)
    - Microsoft Visio 2003
    - Nero Start Smart
    Please note that files can be saved to CD/Flash disk.
  5. Internet Access
  6. There are 50 PCs available to access the internet by wired connection and there are hundreds of table for the notebook users to access the internet by wifi, on the 4th floor of the library.
  7. Multimedia Room
  8. There are 20 PCs available for listening and checking any cd's and cassettes at the Multimedia Room at the 4th floor.
 Photocopying Minimize
This service is available on the 2nd & 3rd floor Central Library and also available at Medical & Nursing Library.
You should have units in your smartcard to use the copy machine. You can buy the photocopy unit on the 2nd floor, Central Library.
 Lockers Minimize
When To use the lockers, Smartcard has to be presented in person. When the key is lost, report to the information desk. Losing the locker key will be charged for key replacement fee and overdue fine (see Table of Fees).  Locker is only can be used during the library opening hours. All left belongings after the closing hours will be kept in the Library. User’s belongings (except for food & beverages) shall be returned, only when all fines are settled.
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ProQuest back issues and JSX transaction databases which are available in CD ROM cannot be “saved”. However, user may print the article by using Smartcard and pay the printing service fee (see Table of Fees). The library is not providing printing service for other reasons.
Library Scanning service only available from 10:00 am. – 03:00 pm. for academic purposes only. The material to be scanned is limited to reference books, magazines or journals and for maximum 10 pages per day. Smartcard is required to pay the service fee (see Table of fees). Users are allowed to save the scanned files in their CDs. Flash disk is not allowed.
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