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Module of courses of Information Literacy Training Program:

The existing module of courses provide by The Johannes Oentoro Library are:

  1. Defining your information need,  this course is provided to help students on defining the coverage of their information need, articulate their problem and to formulate the keywords to find needed information. Through this course student will be trained to find their topic, change the topic into Research Question, defining the indicators, and produce the keywords needed for electronic index.

  2. Using Online database, this course helps new researcher to find the articles or information using some free and subscribed databases which is provided by The Johannes Oentoro Library. It is also discussed how to use boolean search and limit the search using each database.

  3. Effective Internet Research, this course provides guide to conduct effective internet research using all kinds online index, especially Google search engine. The course discuses the use of boolean concept, google syntax, and the use of meta search engines to get an effective internet research.

  4. Web Evaluation, this course provide guide to select, evaluate and analyze appropriate websites, data, and information for your research. Through this course, students are trained to use some principles to be considered before we choose a website for their writing.

  5. Effective Reading, this course is provide the guide to apply SQ3R method as an effective reading method. By applying this method, students are expected to read more effectively and record the information longer in their long term memory system.

  6. Plagiarism & Citation, this course is develop student's awareness to avoid plagiarism and give guide to make their citation according to the specific model of citation.

  7. Basic paper writing, this course is provide guide to make an outline, and develop it from basic skeleton draft to the complete work using four steps of writing. It is also discussed about how to choose topic, and how to develop your paragraph, and some types of writing.

  8. Reference Manager, this course is provide training to use mendeley and refme to produce citation, reference list and collaboration research among the students and lecturers

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