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Events and Awards

Events and Awards of the Johannes Oentoro Library

Scientific Paper Competition - "STOP PLAGIARISM AND HOAX"

Date: 13th February - 22nd March 2017
Venue: The Johannes Oentoro Library

Description: Please read the Terms & Conditions below.

T-Shirt Design Competition - "STOP PLAGIARISM"

Date: 13th February - 17th March 2017

Venue: The Johannes Oentoro Library





Main Winner  Joshua Kevin Setiawan  (Product Design - 00000006708)

Favourite Winner Yoshua Mailoa ( International Relations - 00000009468)

Favourite Winner Michelle Alviana  (Hospitality & Tourism - 1305003426)

Favourite Winner Novatri Gayang Pakan (Communication - 00000021766)

Favourite Winner Kinanti A. Widhitami (Biology - 00000017805)

Favourite Winner Gabrielle Midian S. (Communication - 00000021150)