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One UPH Library

One UPH Library



Periodical Collection

Periodical collection room are located on the second floor, housing various magazine, printed journals, and the like. 
You can only read them inside the library, but you can bring them out of the room. 
First, search for the title on the catalog and then search for it in the periodical room. You can directly go to the shelves or ask for the staff to help you. 
After you found the collection, you can bring it with you anywhere inside the library, but after you are done, please put it on the trolley inside the periodical room so our staff can put it back. 

Local Content Collection

Local content collection room are housing the collections that are written by UPH students or lecturers, such as skripsi, thesis, dissertations, lecturer research, internship reports. It is located on the 2nd floor. Only staff are permitted to enter the room. 

To borrow local content collection, you need to :

  1. Search the collection you want to borrow on the catalog
  2. Note the Call Number and the author on a piece of paper (available on the counter)
  3. Hand the note to the staff with your smartcard (or smartcard replacement). Your smartcard will be placed on the counter when you still want to read Local Content Collections. 
  4. You can only borrow 3 collections at the maximum at a time. If you have more than 3 collections on your note, you need to choose which ones you want to borrow first. After you return the collections, you can borrow more collections. 
  5. Local Content Collections are to be read inside the library only. Please don't try to bring it out. 
  6. Local Content Collections are not permitted to be photocopied to avoid plagiarism.
  7. Once you are done reading it, please bring the collections back to the counter to exchange it with your smartcard.

From 2021/2022 school year, skripsi and thesis are not required to be printed and sent to the library, as it is available digitally on If you need to access that instead, please notify the staff.