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Collections: Physical collections

Information about our collections

Our Collections

Our library resources consist of both printed and electronic formats (including online materials) such as books, journals, multimedia to newspapers, dictionaries and standards. Explore our resources from the following collection groups arranged by format or interest. To find each location, go search our collections in the catalog. You can learn more how to search the collections here







General Collection

This is the main area of library books collection which covers various topics related to the existing departments of UPH campus.

Classroom Textbooks

Classroom textbooks of all departments in UPH are provided in this closed access area. Located in a Closed Access Collection area on 3rd floor, access can be made only through librarians.

Final Papers

This is a collection of UPH student final papers in printed version up to 2020. After that year, access to final papers is available online.

Reference Collection

Reference Collection provides resources that will quickly answer any question posed by a library patron or at least direct the patron to a source that will answer the question, such as: encyclopedias, handbooks, and dictionaries. Located in 2nd floor. More about reference collection


There are Periodicals Room in which students & teachers may directly access printed journals on various topics. Located in 2nd floor. How to access

ITC Textbooks

A special area for students of International Teachers College (ITC) that consists of their classroom textbooks. Located in 2nd floor 

Bank Indonesia Corner

A small corner donated by The Bank Indonesia (BI) that provides books on finance and related topics to educate students about the roles, duties, functions, and policies of BI, especially in the payment system. Located on 2nd floor. More about BI Corner here


Audiovisual collection such as CD-ROM, music audio CD, etc. are stored in this special room. Access is available through the librarian according to certain rules. Most of these collections are in Closed Access Collections area.

Music Scores

Music scores are arranged based on the composer's name. Teachers & students from the Music Department may access this collection under a special rules. Located in Closed Access Collection area on 3rd floor.


Subscribed newspaper and some of the old edition of newspapers are displayed on the 4th floor. The newest newspapers are located on 3rd floor


We have subscribed to several popular magazines! Located in periodical collection room on 2nd floor and the magazine rack on the 4th floor.