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One UPH Library

One UPH Library


How do I...

Accessing your Library Account

To access your account, click on the LOG IN link in the upper RIGHT-HAND corner

IF you have an UPH email address (i.e. or, use the blue Log In box on the left-hand side of the screen.  This will take you to UPH's Microsoft Office log in page where you will log in with your UPH Microsoft email address and password.

IF you do NOT have an UPH email address (i.e.,,,, use the Log In box on the right-hand side of the screen.

Your Username = your NIM/NIK  (example:  201350216)
Your Password = your last name  (example:  Wijaya)

After you log in, click on the 'My Stuff' menu in the web header to see your checkouts, holds, and fines

Problems?  Contact us via email or WhatsApp 

Subscribed database

When you want to access UPH's subscribed database, you will need to login to your UPH Office 365 account :

Login with or

Problems?  Contact us via email or WhatsApp 
For more information about how to access the databases, go to 'Access Database' guide

UPH Repository

You can access UPH repository without log in, however, to access chapters under the 'Restricted to Registered users only', you will need to enter log in.

Click 'Login' on the upper left corner, your account is :

Username : NIM/NIK
Password  : lastname (lowercase)

If you can't login because your account is still unregistered, please fill in the form to activate your account, and then confirm it via WhatsApp