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Information Literacy

Information about Information Literacy and the Information Literacy Training Program at UPH

Information Literacy

INFORMATION LITERACY is a set of abilities requiring individuals to recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate,and use effectively the needed information. (ACRL, 2000). These abilities are essential for 21st century education to achieve its ultimate goals which are to produces an independent and long-life learner generation. According to this definition, there are main areas where students need to be literate in order to be a successful learner and furthermore, member of information society. Those main areas are:

  • Recognize the information needs

  • Locate the information in various kind of resources and materials

  • Select and evaluate the best suitable information for their need

  • Use the information in analytical manner and appropriate ways 

To support that goal, The Johannes Oentoro Library initiate the Information Literacy Training Program that provides some courses to enhance student's information literacy abilities. The training program use The BIG6 model as one of information literacy model as its training frame work. The model cover all the essential information literacy competency areas as mention in ACRL (Association of College and Research Libraries) definition. The trainer use this model as a guide for students to help them whenever they deal with information problem. All the courses have been developed based on this model. To the present time, we offer 7 main courses of information literacy training for students and staff. We manage to conduct regular survey to evaluate the courses, to be sure that the courses are the most needed by the library user. 

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Information Literacy Training Program

One UPH Library Information Literacy Training Program (ILTP) is divided into 2 types, namely Synchronous (training guided by library staff) and Asynchronous (participants take classes independently through LMS Moodle).

Synchronous ILTP is carried out according to the requested material from the UPH academic community and is carried out for two hours per session, while asynchronous ILTP via Moodle time limit is 2 week to finish the course. Asynchronous ILTP divided into classes and languages such as:

  • Undergraduate ILTP (Available in English and Bahasa Indonesia)
  • Advanced Level ILTP (Available only in Bahasa Indonesia)
  • Final Paper Tutorial Class (Available in English and Bahasa Indonesia)

Course Module

The existing course modules provided by The Johannes Oentoro Library are:

  1. Defining your information need.  This course helps students define the scope of their information need, articulate their problem. and formulate the keywords needed to find information. Through this course student will be trained to find their topic, change the topic into a research question, define the indicators, and produce the keywords needed for searching electronic databases.
  2. Using Online Database.  This course helps new researchers find articles or information using databases provided by The Johannes Oentoro Library. It also discusses how to use boolean search and search limiters in each database.
  3. Effective Internet Research.  This course provides guidance on conducting effective internet research using a variety of online search engines, especially Google. Through this course, users will be trained in using boolean logic, Google search syntax, and meta-search engines.
  4. Web Evaluation. This course helps users select, evaluate, and analyze appropriate websites, data, and information for research. Through this course, students are trained in principles to consider before choosing a website for research information.
  5. Effective Reading.  This course provides guidance on applying the SQ3R method as an effective reading method. By applying this method, students are able to read more effectively and retain the information longer in their long term memory.
  6. Plagiarism & Citation.  This course develops a student's awareness of plagiarism and how to avoid it and gives guidance in creating proper citations according to a variety of citation methods (e.g. APA, MLA).
  7. Basic paper writing.  This course helps students make an outline and develop it from a basic skeleton draft to the final work using four steps of writing. It also discusses how to choose a topic and how to develop paragraphs and types of writing.

Request an Information Literacy Class

One UPH Library provides Information Literacy Training on request. The minimum number of participant for a tutorial session is 5 people. Tutorials can be arranged for students, lecturers, or staff.

Please click the button bellow to request an Information Literacy Training session or register yourself for ILTP courses on Moodle.


For more information, please contact

Samuel Noya (Asynchronous ILTP Coordinator)
Phone: 5460901, ext.1374 (07.00 - 16.00)

Nicholas Sio Pradiva (Synchronous ILTP Coordinator)
Phone: 5460901, ext.1374 (07.00 - 16.00)

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