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Bank Indonesia Corner

Information about a special collection located in The Johannes Oentoro Library provided by Bank Indonesia as part of its CSR National Program


To strengthen public education about economics, Bank Indonesia has launched an initiative to provide reading corners called "BI Corner". In the early stages, efforts will focus on Higher Education and Early Childhood Education (ECD). Within five years, BI corners are expected to be available at every level of education in both local libraries and other public facilities. This program is a part of the implementation of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) program with the theme "Indonesia Cerdas = Smart Indonesia".

On August 7, 2015, The Johannes Oentoro Library of UPH along with two other academic libraries -- IPB Bogor and Universitas Trisakti -- received grants for BI Corners from the Governor of Bank Indonesia Bapak Agus Martowardojo and four Deputies in Bank Indonesia, Jakarta.

The grants for BI Corner facilities consist of:

  • 189 titles/copies of printed books (foreign and local) on various subjects such as economics, business, banking, accounting, and management
  • 1 LED TV
  • 1 computer
  • 1 bookshelf + TV frame
  • 1 reception desk
  • 2 sofa two seaters
  • 1 barstool
  • 1 standing lamp
  • 1 carpet
  • 3 potted plants

Through the BI Corner, readers should be able to access quality economic resources from both inside and outside the country. In addition, this program is a means of BI socialization so that people will know the tasks and roles of BI in the Indonesian economy from regular publications, either in print or electronic.

The Objectives of the BI Corner Programs are as follows:

1. The community can access and obtain quality economic information;

2. People will know and understand the duties and roles of Bank Indonesia in the Indonesian economy

BI Corner Collection

The book collection in the BI Corner (2nd floor) can be searched via the catalog by selecting the type “BI Corner”.

Click here for the list of BI Corner collection on the 2nd floor of the library.

Bank Indonesia Publications

Other open access resources published by Bank Indonesia include

  • Buletin Ekonomi Moneter dan Perbankan
  • Kebijakan Moneter
  • Perbankan dan Stabilitas Keuangan
  • Sistem Pembayaran
  • Kajian Ekonomi Regional
  • Buletin Hukum Kebanksentralan
  • Laporan Keuangan Publikasi Bank
  • Direktori Perbankan Indonesia

You may contact the Bank Indonesia Library at or 021-29818216 / 8245.