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Introduction to Nursing Research

an introduction to research in the field of nursing

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Featured Databases

Discipline Specific Databases

These databases are most likely to have coverage of nursing topics. For your convenience, we've ordered them in terms of relevance.

Click on the links to search each database individually.

Tips for Searching Online Databases

  • Use quotation marks to indicate a phrase:
    • "community health nursing" 
  • Use shortcut codes:
    • au: = author. au:"friedman thomas"
    • ti: = title. ti:"hunger games"
    • su: = subject. su:"energy policy"
  • Use synonyms to capture more information on your topic: 
    • NPWT OR "negative pressure wound therapy" OR "negative-pressure wound therapy"
    • "community health nursing" OR "community nursing" OR "CHN"
  • Use Advanced Search to change the databases that are being searched.
  • Use the Sort by: box to change how results are ordered.

Searching Techniques

Improve your library searching skills by watching these videos.

Google vs. Library Databases

What are library databases?

How do I search in a database?