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One UPH Library

One UPH Library


How do I...

Room booking

  1. Choose 'Service' menu and then 'Facilities & Room Booking

  1. Click the 'Book a Room' and then a pop up will appear :

    If the room is available on the date you choose, you can choose the available time to book the room. Choose the time you would want (up to 2 hours), and then cilck 'Submit Times'
  2. Make sure you know our regulations regarding room booking and cilck 'Continue'
  3. Make sure the details you put in are correct, and fill in your contact info. 

    Tell us your intended use of the room and the participants. Checklist the equipment provided if you need them, and then click 'Submit my Booking'
  4. Verification e-mail about the acceptance or rejection of your room booking will be sent to you. At the date of the booking, ask our staff to help you access the room.

You still have to follow our visiting policy to access the room you booked, otherwise the booking will be invalid. Read about the room use policy here.