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One UPH Library

One UPH Library


Facilities: 2nd Floor

Facilities offered at the library

The lowest floor of library, mainly focus on housing special collections most of which can't be brought out of the library. The exceptions are textbooks and BI Corner collections. Here you can found smaller study rooms.

Study Room

Capacity : 2-5 people
There are 7 study room on the 2nd floor. You don't need to book or reserve the room to use it. 

Periodical Collection Room

Housing printed periodical collections, such as accredited journals, magazine

To know more about periodical collection, click here

Local Content Collection

Housing Local Content Collection consisting of Student's Final Paper and lecturer's article report

To know more about Local Content Collection, click here

BI Corner

A corner in cooperation with Bank Indonesia, consisting of collection and information related to banking and financial management

To know more about BI Corner Collection, click here

Reference Collection

Shelves containing Reference Collection 

To know more about reference collection, click here. How to access them here.

Catalog Computer

Computers used to search for collection availability. There are 3 computers in 2nd floor

Textbooks (ITC & UPHC)

Textbooks for ITC and UPH college. The ITC textbooks can only be borrowed by ITC students

Study Carol