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One UPH Library

One UPH Library


Facilities: 3rd Floor

Facilities offered at the library

Enter the library from the 3rd floor. This floor house the most collection, and most services and staff can be found here. 

Circulation Service Desk

The place to go to process printed collection check in & check out. 
To know more about circulation services, click here

Closed Access Collection area is located behind the circulation desk. The collections here can only be access through librarians. If the catalog sublocation indicated the collections to be in Closed Access Collection area, write down the Call Number and hand it to the staff so they can search it for you.

Information Desk

If you have any question or need any help, go ask about it here!

New Arrival display

New collection shelf, where we display the newest book on the monthly basis

Catalog Computer

General Collection

Our main printed book collection. How to search 

Study Carol

Newspaper Rack