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Research Impact

A guide to the key tools for examining research impact, as well as setting up and managing your research profiles.

Research Impact

Measuring and describing the impact of academic research is becoming increasingly important in Indonesia and around the world. This has placed considerable emphasis on tracking citations of a researcher's published works and publishing within highly-ranked journals.

Research impact measurement is often described using quantitative methods such as citation countsjournal impact factors and using researcher specific metrics such as the h-index.  You may hear this type of measurement referred to as 'bibliometrics'.  More recently, and somewhat complementary, "altmetrics" attempt to show influence and engagement from blogs, social networks, and other social media web platforms. 

Impact can also be described qualitatively in terms of social and cultural measures such as awards and prizes, civic influence, conference presentations, editorships, international engagement, patents, registered designs, research fellowships, and more.

Different subject areas will focus on different measures to describe research impact. Traditionally, science and medicine rely much more heavily on quantitative measures than the arts and humanities. The focus on different measures may also change depending on the purpose for measuring research impact.

This guide provides information and tools for measuring research impact:

This guide was adapted from and used with permission from the Library/RMIT University.

Impact Challenge

Impactstory is a non-profit that helps scientists learn where their research is being cited, shared, saved and more.

Take their free 30-Day Impact Challenge (also available as a pdf download) to learn how you can:

  • Upgrade your professional visibility by conquering social media,
  • Boost your readership and citations by getting your work online,
  • Stay atop your field’s latest developments with automated alerts,
  • Lock in the key connections with colleagues that’ll boost your career, and
  • Dazzle evaluators with comprehensive tracking and reporting on your own impacts.