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Research Impact

A guide to the key tools for examining research impact, as well as setting up and managing your research profiles.

Citation Impact

Citation is the process of acknowledging or citing the author and title of a source (journal, book, or other) used in a published work. Such citations can be counted as measures of the usage and impact of the cited work. Among the measures that have emerged from citation analysis are the citation counts for:

  • an individual article (how often it was cited);
  • an author (total citations, or average citation count per article);
  • a journal (average citation count for the articles in the journal).

Citation Databases

In addition to Google Scholar and Microsoft Academic, Elsevier's Scopus and Thomson Reuters's Web of Science (both commercial products that charge considerable subscription rates) are the main citation analysis databases.  Unfortunately, UPH does not have access to either of these database.

Library databases and research repositories that include citing references, but do not provide citation analysis tools, include: