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Events and Awards

Events and Awards of the Johannes Oentoro Library

Information Literacy Instructor Training Course Package C

Date: 12th -14th May 2014

Venue: The Johannes Oentoro Library

Description: The Johannes Oentoro Library team held and presented sessions for Information Literacy Instructor Training Course Package C which covers "E-Learning dan Media Pembelajaran Literasi Informasi."


Date             : 5th - 9th May

Venue          : The Johannes Oentoro Library

Description  : LIBANEV 2014 with the "Welcome to Web 2.0" as its theme focused on gaining the UPH residents, students, staffs, lecturers so that they may know and able to use every services and facilities in the Library efficiently.

The events are as followed:

1. Library Special Week

During the Library Special Week, the LIBANEV 2014 held three small events such as Tree of Knowledge (Special Tanabata), Library Trivia Week and The Library Code's.

2. Library Webiste's Banner Design Competition

The winner of this competition  with "Welcome To the Open Access Era" theme were to be displayed on the library's website.

3. Semiloka Information Literacy

The Information Literacy training presented by the Library team with the topic "Plagiarism in the Era of Web 2.0 and Open Access" was open for public (charged) and UPH's academic community (free).

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