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Events and Awards

Events and Awards of the Johannes Oentoro Library

Visitation from the library staff of Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana

UKSW Visitation
Date : 14th December 2018

Venue : The Johannes Oentoro Library

Description :
At the end of the working year, 25 library staffs of Universitas Kristen Satya Wacara went to the Johannes Oentoro Library to swap knowledge and library practices that has been practiced in recent years and to tour the library. The sessions is led by the Johannes Oentoro library manager and section heads. 

Visitation from Universitas Wijaya Kusuma

: 4th December 2018

Venue : The Johannes Oentoro Library

Description :
The library major of Universitas Wijaya Kusuma went to Universitas Pelita Harapan to visit The Johannes Oentoro Library as a part of their field study. 30 students and 6 lecturers were introduced to The Johannes Oentoro Library profile and its latest development and library practices.


Information Literacy Module

An Information Literacy Training module book is officially published as a result of collaboration between UPH, UK Petra, and STT Jakarta libraries under the umbrella of Forum Komunikasi Perpustakaan Perguruan Tinggi Kristen Indonesia (FKPPTI).  The module was initiated by The Johannes Oentoro Library as the first academic library in Indonesia which has applied full training on information literacy skills across its faculties since 2007 until now, and has successfully conducted Information Literacy training more than 100 classes every year. 
The module was written by three UPH librarians, two Petra librarians, and one librarian from STT Jakarta. It was published to help many instructors, especially in many Christian campuses that are expected to teach information literacy but lack knowledge of where to start and how teaching it. We hope this module become a great contribution for Indonesian Higher Education to train their students become an independent and life-long learner.

Communication Education

Date     : 18th April 2018

Venue  : Multi Purpose Room, Mission Youth for Christ (MYC) UPH


Communication Education is an event held by Himpunan Mahasiswa Program Studi Ilmu
Komunikasi Universitas Pelita Harapan (HMPS ILKOM UPH) to help UPH students with basic academic skills like writing and conducting presentation. The Johannes Oentoro Library are invited to be the speaker for Writing and Plagiarism workshop.

The participants are guided to write an academic article about "The Effects of Video Games" using databases that are subscribed by the library and to how to avoid plagiarism by using tools like reference manager. The reference manager that are utilized are Mendeley. In the end of the session, there are quizzes to test the participants' knowledge and skills that are gained from the workshop.  

Library Literacy Event 2018 : Digital Information

Date     : 4th April 2018

Venue  : UPH Campus


To welcome the World's book day on April, The Johannes Oentoro Library held a digital information and technology literacy competition!

Library Safari Competition is a treasure hunt game in which groups of participants from various major of Universitas Pelita Harapan compete to find the treasure using various clues and information literacy skills to solve challenges. There are 5 posts they need to overcome to be able to complete the competition. 

At the first and second posts, they need to gather information and then make a mind map about interesting tourism activities from a place in Indonesia that are given to them randomly when they arrived at the post. 
The third and fourth posts test their teamwork and problem solving skills as they need to overcome physical challenges and tricky plagiarism questions to be able to advance to the last post. Meanwhile, they also have to develop the information they have gathered into a coherent synthesis. 
Last post is where they have to built an interesting infographic that highlight the tourism of the area they got and according to the synthesis they have made and posted it to Instagram.  

The end results can be seen on Instagram with hashtag : #UPHLIBRARYSAFARICOMPETITIONUPH
The groups that use their information literacy skills well and have beautiful end results are announced as the winners!

Winners :
1st place  : Faculty of Nursing 
Alandia(00000023718), Georgina Dwi Astuti (00000024575), Ifani Nurul (00000023678), Anastasia Geraldine S.(01501170208)

2nd place : Mathematics Education 2015
Johanes Fredriko(00000018598), Aldi Permana Sembiring (00000018712), Felik Yojinato (00000018590), Jaya Wibowo Pranata S. (00000018720)

3rd place  : Mathematics Education 2014
Romario Tambunan (00000010533), Andreas Putro Carli (00000010721), Ryan Oktapratama (00000010479), William Jefferson Abolla (00000010591)