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Events and Awards

Events and Awards of the Johannes Oentoro Library

Taman Bacaan TPA Sewan

Date             : 9th November 2008

Venue          : TPA Sewan

Description  : UPH's Student Executive Board (BEM UPH) with The Johannes Oentoro Library hold a library training for the purpose of establishing a "Taman Bacaan" near a dump area in Sewan (TPA Sewan). This was a community service event and the purpose is to share our knowledge to society. There are 500 books donated to this "Taman Bacaan". Library helped to train the local on how to run a simple library system for the "Taman Bacaan". First, they need to make administrative book for members and the list of books. Then, we taught them how to input and arrange the book in a systematical order. Second, we briefly trained a simple way to classified books/collections and also how to make a catalog based on the 2 handbooks about classification (DDC) and cataloging the books that we gave to them. Finally, we helped them on how to processed a book starting from the wrapping, stamping, and coding. Thanks to UPH's Student Executive Board (BEM UPH) who also gave their time to help established the "Taman Bacaan" into a better place for the local children.

The Orphanage Library at Salib Putih

Date                      : August 2008

Venue                   : The Orphanage Library - Salib Putih, Kopeng, Salatiga, Central Java 

Description          : Storytelling activities for children and training some library volunteers how to build and manage the Orphanage Library at Salib Putih, Kopeng, Salatiga, Central Java



Dates             : 21st-24th April 2008

Venue            : The Johannes Oentoro Library                 

Description :  To celebrate World's Book Day, library held 2 competitions in Library Annual Event (Libanev) with "Library for All" as a theme. The activities are :

COMPETITIONS : Promotional short movie and Anti-plagiarism Bookmark
BOOK DISCUSSION : “I Kiss Dating Goodbye” by Joshua Harris, Monday,
23 April 2008, at UPH Library.
WORKSHOP : “How to manage your own collection?”, Wed, 23 April 2008;
“How to make an effective article”, Thu, 24 April 2008, at UPH Library
SPECIAL LIBRARY WEEK : 21 - 25 April 2008, a lot of souvenirs from library
for lucky visitors