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Events and Awards

Events and Awards of the Johannes Oentoro Library

"Kemelekan Informasi (Information Literacy)" Seminar and Training

Date             : 10th - 12th December 2007

Venue          : UPH, Building D 502

Description : UPH, The Johannes Oentoro Library alongside the APISI or Asosiasi Pekerja Profesional Informasi Sekolah Indonesia collaborated on seminar and training for the sustainability of information literacy from school to university. Attended by more than 40 participants, this seminar and training hope that people could keep up with the advanced technology and information in this era.

The Johannes Oentoro Library Inauguration

Date             : 31st July 2007

Venue          : The Johannes Oentoro Library

Description  : July 31st 2007 marked a historic day which UPH s library or usually called The Johannes Oentoro Library inaugurated at UPH Tower Building C.  Attended by James Riady, Ir. Johannes Oentoro himself, who's also the co-founding father of UPH, and several other senior managers.

The original Library was established on June 1994 in a 45 m² area located on the 2nd floor of the Lippo Bank Building, Kedoya Branch in Jakarta. At that time, the Winnebago automation system was implemented. Two months later, the library was relocated to a 250 m² area in the Menara Asia Buidling in Lippo Karawaci.

After six months of operation, the library moved to Menara UPH (now known as Building A on the Karawaci campus). With 1,250 m², the library developed its collection, human resources, and the UPHLib automation system. The Graduate School Library opened in 1999 at the Wisma Slipi Building in Jakarta.

On July 2006, the library moved into its current location -- a modern showcase facility of 5,000 m² on three floors of Building C on the Karawaci campus. In this new physical facility, the Johannes Oentoro Library also developed its digital collection to support the vision and mission of UPH. On September 2007, the Medical & Nursing Library opened on the ground floor of the Medical & Nursing Building next to the Siloam Hospital in Lippo Karawaci.  In September of 2015, the Medical & Nursing Library moved to the 2nd floor of the newly constructed Medical & Nursing Tower.

The Launching of Christian Literature Section

Date            : 5th June 2007

Venue          : The Johannes Oentoro Library, Building C, 3rd Floor

Description : UPH's the vision of True Knowledge, Faith in God and Godly character show its commitment to help students to achieve it through the launching of Christian Literature section in the Johannes Oentoro Library. With various selection of Christian literature which help assisting students on their academic journey, this section provides collection as following:

-  The Holy Bible

- Christian Theology

- Christianity (Moral & Theology)

- Social & Ecclesiastical Theology

- History of Christinaity & Church

- Christian Denominations