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Events and Awards

Events and Awards of the Johannes Oentoro Library

Pancasila Video

Venue : Universitas Pelita Harapan

Description :

In commemoration of the birth of Pancasila, The Johannes Oentoro Library held a test about Pancasila to UPH students. There are questions about the day of birth of Pancasila,  to the meaning of the symbol of the Garuda Pancasila.  In this video, you can see responses from UPH students : around 20 respondents from various field of study. It is hoped that with this test, it will continue to foster a sense of nationalism from the UPH students.



Comparative Study from Exemplary Librarian



Date : 25th  July 2019

Venue: The Johannes Oentoro Library


The winners of Exemplary Librarian of North Sumatra from the Dinas Perpustakaan dan Arsip Provinsi Sumatera Utara visited The Johannes Oentoro Library as a part of their comparative study trip. 30 people, including the committee, are introduced and brought on tour on The Johannes Oentoro library. 



Information Literacy Board Game Competition - Wide Wit War

Date: 19th June 2019

Venue: 4th Floor of the Johannes Oentoro Library


The Johannes Oentoro Library held an Information Literacy Board Game Competition on 19th June 2019. 

All participantsThe Game, called Wide Wit War, are played by 9 groups of 3 people in 2 board, each battling each other on the board game using information literacy skills and board game strategies.

To play, the groups can collect gold, then buy tools to help them ready to face other challenges. A group has 5 Life Points which if they run out of, they will be eliminated. They could risk their life points to declare war to other groups, being pitted against each other in a timed information literacy challenge which will earn the winning group 2 Victory Points.

Or if they prefer a safer method, they could save up to buy weapons used to slay hell beast and then use the gem they get from the beast to receive a mission - where they must complete information literacy or physical challenges within a time range - which will earn them up to 3 Victory Points.

The winner is the one with most Victory Point or the last group standing.


After fierce wars which result in 2 groups eliminated, and countless missions the game comes to an end. 

The winners are :

1st place : Social Education (Teacher's College)
Rapael Sianturi ( 01406170005),  Yulius Dony Satrio ( 01406170023),  Yosua Sitorus ( 01406170016)

2nd place : Faculty of Nursing 

Rina Mersiani Waruwu ( 01501170109),  Eventful O. Ziliwu ( 01501170092),  Anastasia Geraldine ( 01501170208)

3rd place : UPH college 

Kenneth Holivianto ( 1718100228),  Hans Andira Putra ( 1718100167),  Jennifer Viana Chandra (

Wide Wit War