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Events and Awards

Events and Awards of the Johannes Oentoro Library


Date: 12 October 2021

Event: Online Event

Jakarta, October 12, 2021, The Johannes Oentoro Library won 1st place in the national competition of The Library of Universities, Academic Library Innovation Award (ALIA) 2021 organized by Forum Perpustakaan Perguruan Tinggi Indonesia (FPPTI). ALIA  is an annual  FPPTI  activity that is expected to encourage the Library of Universities in Indonesia to innovate and also get more achievements,   especially in international events. The Johannes Oentoro Library must compete at the regional level, DKI Jakarta, and compete with other University libraries with high competence.

After qualified to be the representative of the DKI Jakarta Region, The Johannes Oentoro Library must face another University Library in Indonesia which represents various regions in Indonesia. On This event, all participants must present their innovation programs in times of pandemics. The program that The Johannes Oentoro Library come up with is called “Information Literacy Smart Class”, a program that is born out of the necessity of limited mobility to prevent spreading the COVID-19 virus during the pandemic.

Information Literacy classes in The Johannes Oentoro Library were modified to be an asynchronous class using Moodle, that relies on self-learning and doesn't have to be face to face. According to the testimony video presented on the competition, this program is loved by students because it makes the process of learning in Universitas Pelita Harapan smoother. Because of the ease of access, where students can choose their own time and place to learn, and the material and video of the class are provided, students can take their lesson anytime and anywhere. With this victory, The Johannes Oentoro Library is expected to keep their spirit and motivation in developing programs and activities to support the academy community of Pelita Harapan University in learning, research, and improved information literacy skills even better.


Date : March – May 2021

Venue : Online Event

Description :

The Johannes Oentoro Library (UPH) held a series of event with “Smart Literacies for a better life" in March – May 2021. The events, all held online on the wake of social distancing rules for COVID-19 pandemic, includes several webinars, trainings, workshop, and a video essay competition, using various online tools such as Zoom, Google Drive, Microsoft Teams and the like. This event is sponsored by Canon, EBSCO, McGraw-Hill, and JSTOR.


We held 6 webinars with a wide variety of themes, with speakers from all sorts of backgrounds. The webinars amassed 855 audiences in total.





31st March 2021

Scientific Journal Article Publication Strategy for students

Kimura Tamba, M.Pd.



22nd April 2021

After Pandemic: What and How?

dr. Vito Damay, Sp.JP(K)., M.Kes., AIFO-K, FIHA., FICA, FAsCC



29th April 2021

Teacher Education Seminar: Academic Originality and Honesty in Information-Based Independent Learning Strategies

Oh Yen Nie,S.E., M.Ed.



30th April 2021

Instructional librarian: Crucial or Not?

Sheryl Taylor M.L.S


4th May 2021

Digital Communications: Freedom or Surveillance

Dr. Fransisco Budi Hardiman


6th May 2021

Social Media with Common sense during the Infodemic

Dr. Ade Armando, M.Sc.




This event, held on 27th - 28th April 2021, are joined by 108 participants from Sabang to Merauke. The purpose of this training is to become a capable instructor of information literacy, including making a lesson program in both synchronous and asynchronous system. All participants are encouraged to design the lesson plans as creative as possible, and expected to apply that into practice. 




There are 2 workshops held in this event joined by a total of 471 participants.

The first workshop is "Citation Model and Bibliography Management Workshop" on April 13th 2021 with Dhama Gustiar Baskoro, S.S. MPd. as the speaker. This workshop train participants to know various types of citations and the differences, and then introduce them to a free reference management software, Mendeley. From this event, participants are expected to be able to use Mendeley proficiently and know the basic of citation.




The second workshop is held on 5th May 2021 about "Creating Learning Content with Podcast and YouTube media Workshop" with Gidion Indra Saputra, S.Pd, B.Ed. The participants are introduced the basic of video and audio auditing to support making learning content as Podcast and YouTube videos. With this event, participants are encouraged to develop their creativity in making teaching materials.



There are 20 people in 16 groups that take part in this competition, to make a public service announcement video about plagiarism, cyberbullying, and pandemic awareness. The participants can submit their video from 19th March - 17th April 2021. Every group are obligated to send their video, then the jurors picked 5 out of 16 groups to go to the final round. Before the final round, the finalists need to submit an essay to accompany their video. The final is held via Zoom on 3rd May 2021 where the 5 finalists have to present their video to the jurors. The winner are chosen based on their score from video, essay, and presentation. The winners are as follow:

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

Okky Putra Barus (Title : Smart Literacies for a better life - Cyberbullying Awarness)

Henry Soelistyo (Title: Kampusku - Plagiarisme)

Agnes Yordanita (Title: Building Cyberbullying Awareness in Society - Cyberbullying)

Adelia Citra Dwi Trisnawati

Marcella Tri Jalianti



This event, held on 8th May 2021, are meant to increase the role of Church Libraries during the pandemic by using the SLiMS application. In total, there are 85 participants ranging from library enthusiast to church librarians from several churches, hoping to be able to cater to their user needs during the pandemic.