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Events and Awards

Events and Awards of the Johannes Oentoro Library


Date             : 11th - 16th April

Venue          : The Johannes Oentoro Library

Description  : This year, LIBANEV held its annual event with "Library & Culture" as the theme. The theme is adapted because of the awareness of the library's role is to be responsible on the perseverance of the local culture. This event always held during the World Book day to promote reading, publishing and the protection of intellectual property through copyright which first intended by the UNESCO.

The main events are as followed: 

1. Library Special Week (11 - 15 April)

Fun games, quizzes, lucky draws, souvenirs and prize for library users, students and staff alike.

2. Competition

There are two competitions held this year: Goodie Bag Design and Creative Writing.

3. One Day Seminar

The theme of this year seminar is "Pengelolaan Perpustakaan Modern" and was held on Wednesday, April 13. The library is collaborating with IPI (Ikatan Pustakawan Indonesia) of Banten Province as the event organizer.

4. Exhibition

Art and culture exhibition full of Batik especially information related to Batik Banten was presented during April 11 - 15 and located at the 2nd floor. Besides exhibition, the library users were encouraged to paint Batik pattern directed by the professional Batik dyer.

The winners of library annual event 2011 competitions are:



1st WINNER : Mariska Adriana - FDTP (Desain Produk)

2nd WINNER : Agung Sugiarto - Business School (Manajemen)

3rd WINNER : Mervin Limasjaya - FDTP (Desain Produk)



1st WINNER : Junaedy Aries Wijaya - FIP (TC)

2nd WINNER : Era Yustika Sari - FIP (TC)

3rd WINNER : Anaci Tnunay - FIP (TC)



1st WINNER : Steven - FIP (TC)

2nd WINNER : Yudi Kristanto - FIP (TC)

3rd WINNER : Febriano Mahesa Arfiandi - FIP (Sastra Inggris)

“Using Online Database for Research” Seminar

Date              : 7th January 2011


Venue           : Building B, Room 310


Description  :  Faculty Development Unit and The Johannes Oentoro Library team conducted a Seminar “Using Online Database for Research” at Building B, Room 310. The seminar was divided into two classes and attended by lecturers from Design, Computer, Science, Music, Education, Social & Politics, Industrial Technology, Business School, and Medical Faculty. The databases being discussed were Ebrary (ebooks), Project MUSE, ScienceDirect, and SpringerLink. From this seminar, we also introduce to the lecturers about library program or also known as Information Literacy Training Program (ILTP). This program available for UPH students who want to know more about library, to get useful information, and to make a good basic writing from reliable source of information.